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Next Generation User Interfaces

What will the Digital TV experience of the future be like? How can we create a roadmap for the future?


Many operators around the world are trying to define new consumer experiences that make the browsing and search of content easier and more effective in a bid to make digital Pay TV more relevant, accessible and valuable for the consumer. Today's grid-guides and page-based navigation methods for finding content are highly inefficient and struggle to present just a small selection of the hundreds of channels and thousands of VOD choices on offer.

New customer experiences are being made possible by more powerful set-top-boxes with more memory, faster processors, multiple tuners and richer graphics capabilities. But for now, operators and middleware vendors are struggling to define a reference platform for the future.

Is the fluid movement, rapid browsing capability and basic remote design of Apple TV a meaningful benchmark for future digital TV user experiences?

PayMedia and its partners are playing a key role in helping operators and technology vendors to define next generation user experiences. We are helping our clients answer some of the following questions, and helping them adapt to new content delivery methods and new business models.

A Mouse for TV: Hillcrest Labs Loop Remote


  • What are the capabilities of the chipsets being deployed in HD set-top-boxes today?

  • Are there new approaches to navigation that can be enabled by a rethink of remote design?

  • What is the roadmap for the future of content search and navigation?

  • What role does metadata play in defining next-generation consumer experiences?



What can we learn from the various user interfaces already in deployment, and how can we build on the architecture and language of these systems so that consumers are able to adjust in an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary fashion? 

The Vudu product featuring its 5 buttons and navigational wheel is an
example of original and creative thinking in the world of user interface design

PayMedia has already helped two major operators define their HD guide experiences and build an evolutionary product roadmap for hybrid set-top-box environments. To find out more about this work, please email Janet Greco or Justin Hewelt