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PayMedia Consulting Group                



PayMedia provides a wide range of services to its clients, leveraging our experience in the Digital, Interactive & Pay Television industries.

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Our services include:

  • Management Briefings & Knowledge Transfer

  • Customised Research & Market Intelligence / Competitor Intelligence

  • New Product Development

  • Commercial Strategy

  • Tracking & Monitoring of Programming (Content Output)

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Interactive Services

  • Future Scoping & Planning

  • Interim Management

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Business Process & Workflow Consulting

  • Search & Selection

Specialist Skills

  • Pay TV Product Marketing, Pricing & Packaging

  • Development of 'Triple-Play' and 'Quad-Play' products and pricing

  • Enhancement & Development of EPG's (Electronic Programme Guides)

  • Digital Terrestrial TV Marketing & Strategic Development

  • Analogue to Digital Migration Strategies (Digital Switchover)

  • Video On Demand User Experience & Sales Optimisation

  • VOD Content Offer Strategy

  • IPTV & TV over DSL

  • Personal Video Recorders (PVR) / Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

  • Interactive Television Authoring & Management Tools

  • Interactive TV Services

  • Interactive TV Middlewares

  • Interactive Advertising including Targetted / Personalised Advertising

  • Distribution Strategies including Broadband, Satellite and Mobile TV

  • HDTV Launch and Sustained Marketing

PayMedia ‘FastTrack’ Briefings

Many senior executives find themselves in a situation where they require immediate access to market data or information to facilitate decision making or develop a rapid response to market developments or market challenges. 

PayMedia is able to provide its clients with concise and insightful briefings on specific topics, markets, companies or technologies on an 'on-demand' basis. 

The use of service requires a clear client brief either by telephone or email. Working across multiple time-zones, PayMedia and its partners will typically respond to the request within 3-4 hours, clarifying (if required), and formally accepting the request.

The briefings will be provided based on our own expertise, PayMedia’s own databases, the expertise of our partners, online research and telephone or in-person interviews with experts, industry analysts and key decision makers.

The results of a ‘FastTrack’ Briefings will be delivered as a PowerPoint deck with associated video, audio, accessible on a private area of the PayMedia website.

The slide deck and our findings can then be presented or discussed by telephone and further revised if required.

Access to the 'FastTrack' service is normally provided as part of a ‘Retained Consulting Arrangement’ and incurs additional standard consulting charges where the number of hours / days exceeds the value of the retained agreement in that calendar month.

As a premium, on-demand service, any ‘Fast-Track’ research request is charged at a minimum of 1 full day of consulting.

Expertise Conference Calls

PayMedia is also able to provide access to expertise on a number of key subject areas through our network of consulting partners

‘Expertise Conference Calls’ allow senior management to explore and discuss key issues and ask specific questions on topics of interest with PayMedia’s senior consultants and industry experts. 

Calls with PayMedia’s multi-disciplinary consultants can be arranged at short notice, whilst those that require specific skills can be pre-arranged within 24 or 48 hours. The cost of a call is dependent on the number of consultants participating and whether 3rd party expertise is involved or not. Subject to a minimum charge of 1 consulting hour per participating consultant.

External expertise calls will always be facilitated by a PayMedia consultant.