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PayMedia Pay TV Marketing Monitor

PayMedia operates a subscription tracking service 'Marketing Monitor' providing our clients and consulting partners with the latest and most innovative examples of Marketing, Communications, Pricing, Packaging and New Products from the Digital TV and Pay TV sectors.

PayMedia tracks the latest TV and Radio advertising, on-air marketing, customer magazines, newspaper advertising, direct mail and other promotions and communications from around the world.

The purpose of the service is to provide best-practice examples from marketing in the Pay TV and Triple-Play (Broadband / Telephony ) space, deconstructing and interpreting the strategies behind each campaign.

The service focuses on:

  • How operators are marketing advanced products like HD & PVR to their customers

  • Providing examples of all communications: TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio & Direct Mail

  • Identifying clever use of creative and language

  • Tracking brand messages, brand evolution and broadcast design

  • Understanding new pricing and packaging models

  • Enabling operators to stay in touch with the evolution Pay TV marketing campaigns as the develop and identifying seasonal trends and promotions through regular weekly updates

  • Identifying new trends and business strategies

PayMedia also provides bespoke consulting where we help operators to define, enhance and differentiate their product offerings (particularly advanced guide products and user-interfaces, VOD, remote PVR recording etc.)

Pay TV Marketing Samples

Sample TV & Print Advertising & Marketing Case-Studies

Sky’s HD November 2007

1.06 Mb

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This promo running across Sky’s own channels helps to educate viewers about the benefits of HD and that they will need an HD set-top-box as well as an HD Ready LCD or Plasma TV. It also reminds viewers that the Sky HD box is also a PVR, a message that has perhaps been lost amongst many Sky subscribers.

Sky’s HD channels occupy traditional channel numbers. Subscribers with a standard (non-HD) Sky box get a blue screen when they tune to an HD channel telling them they need to have an HD set-top-box and subscribe to the HD service to access the channels.

Virgin Media, Mail on Sunday
2nd December 2007
Ref: PM 10-1529


Keywords & Phrases: UK, Cable, Virgin Media, NTL, Telewest, VOD, Triple-Play, Quad-Play, Seasonal, 500+ films, one thousand shows and music videos, 40 free digital TV channels when you take our phone service for £11
per month

This full page advert from Virgin Media has a simple message. That with cable’s VOD library, you can pick your own programmes for Christmas Day from more than 500+ films and thousands of TV shows and music videos, meaning that the terrible TV traditionally associated with Christmas Day (TV Turkeys) can be avoided.

How far Virgin’s campaigns reach into the minds of consumers, helping them to understand and differentiate VOD is yet to be seen, but as Virgin’s marketing becomes more content-centric, BSkyB will have to find other ways of differentiating their offer.


Sky+ PVR
ITV, September 22, 2007

1.56 Mb

You can play or download this file by right-clicking and choosing the save file as... option.

With more than a passing resemblance to Woody Allen’s 1972 film ‘Everything you wanted to know about Sex…’  ( See a clip at ) this recently launched TV campaign from Sky shows the benefits of Sky’s Remote Record facility on the Sky Plus PVR.

Like many of the more compelling PVR marketing campaigns, this execution shows the benefits of remote-record in the context of everyday lives and personal dilemmas. But it also stands totally apart from other TV campaigns at the moment in terms of its style, visual grammar and energy.

Part of a new approach by BSkyB, the campaign ends with Sky’s new tagline: ‘Believe in Better’.


Sky Sports
The Guardian
Ref: PM 10-1533
29 November 2007


Keywords & Phrases: UK, BSkyB, Sky, Satellite, Sky Sports, An Epic
December, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, NFL, Motorsport, Tennis


Sky Sports
The Telegraph
30 November 2007
Ref: PM 10-1534


Keywords & Phrases: UK, BSkyB, Sky, Satellite, Sky Sports, Cricket,
Soccer, Join or Upgrade

In December 2007, Sky ran a series of print campaigns throughout the sports sections of UK newspapers to drive take-up and awareness of Sky Sports amongst both prospective and existing subscribers.

What is interesting about the campaigns is how they use the imagery and the language of tradition.

The first example of this creative on the 29th November in The Guardian and other newspapers is resonant of traditional European battle and crusade scenes and with metaphors such as national flags, introduces not only the concept of ‘patriotism’ but also that of ‘divine right’ – particularly if we take into consideration the portrayal of the skyline and light in the background of each advert.

The use of a traditional, rather than a contemporary style helps to show Sky Sports as part of the establishment, as the original and best sports provider, but it also encourages the viewer participate in, and share in the passion for sport that Sky is portraying. Negative concepts of aggression and hooliganism are not reflected in fine art, and so the image is desensitised and upholds the more virtuous characteristics of sport and nationalistic loyalties.

Most importantly, the creative immediately stands out as distinct from other photographic images in the sports sections of newspapers, once again, putting Sky in a completely different category or environment to its competitors.

The same creative is then carried through in the sports sections of each newspaper on an almost daily basis, focussing on key viewing ‘appointments’ with all campaigns referring to ‘An Epic December on Sky Sports’. Each of these banners can be placed at the bottom of the page in half, third or quarter-page versions, reminding both existing and prospective subscribers of the range of programming coming up, and in stark contrast to fixtures banners employed by BT and Setanta which appear brash, cheap and fail to address some of the quality fears (from both technical and production perspectives) that already exist in the market.
Dish Network DVR, LA Times
30th October 2007
Ref: PM 10-1515


Keywords & Phrases: USA, Dish, Dish Network, Echostar, Dish Network DVR, PVR, Never miss a comeback, never miss a
twist, Never miss anything, Never miss your favorite shows, Better than TiVo, America's Top 100, Lowest All-Digital Price Nationwide, The best HD DVR on the planet, Store up to 500 hours. View all recorded shows from 2 rooms, Pause, record, replay your favorite shows. Fox, Back to You. Prison Break

This campaign from Dish across major titles like the LA Times, leverages viewer interest in the new TV season, the return of top-rating shows and the launch of new programmes.

Dish’s creative here is clear, bold, resonates with its brand and runs over several pages. (although not all are full-page).

The ad reinforces the DISH DVR brand, which although not as well known as TiVO, is core to the Dish product offer these days.

In order to increase PVR adoption and the adoption of other advanced products, we think it is critical to create a series of strong product brands, ideally with iconic product design, that can be introduced to the market and then supported by ongoing marketing campaigns which illustrate and contextualise the benefits of each product.

Audiences need to be equipped with the language to talk about and make value judgements about advanced products. Operators that don’t commit to a long-term marketing campaign across all major touch points will not be able to achieve the kind of levels of penetration seen in the US and the UK.

Of course, the essence of this campaign is a product feature: the ability to record entire series with one key-press and never miss an episode of your favourite shows. And it delivers the right message at exactly the right time.

Its also interesting to note the specification of the product, with the ability to store more than 500 hours, this is significantly more than PVR’s in deployment in the European market.

BSkyB Outdoor Advertising
22 November 2007
Ref: PM 10-1532


Keywords & Phrases: UK, BSkyB, Sky, Satellite, Outdoor, Believe in
Better, Premier League, Sky Sports, Sky Sports HD, HD, HDTV, No Better
Way, Sky Arts, Not available on Freeview or Virgin Media

In this update we are reviewing Sky’s current outdoor advertising campaign which is driving the push for Xmas and New Year sales.

The enclosed examples are largely an evolution of the Autumn campaigns of 2005 and 2006 when the ‘glassmark’ version of the Sky logo was introduced.

Recently the tagline ‘What do you want to watch?’ of the last 2 years has been replaced by ‘Believe in Better’ . This was introduced in September with a short-lived TV, print and outdoor campaign that highlighted some of the key features that differentiate the Sky offer (e.g. Access to International Channels, Crystal Clear HD, Discounted Telephony and 24 Hour Customer Service) . Since then ‘Believe in Better’ has been integrated across all of Sky’s communications.

Visually, this Autumn’s outdoor campaign follows the trends of previous years. It features iconic imagery from events or programming that either form the cornerstone of Sky’s sports and movie offer, or otherwise they feature programming that is visually stunning, iconic and that may perhaps surprise the viewer, particularly if it is not traditionally associated with Sky.

In 2005 the glassmark logo was placed in front of the content, allowing it to ‘shine through’ a metaphor for Sky sharing a passion about content, rather than being a platform gatekeeper. In 2006, the glassmark logo was still used, but Sky felt confident enough to use just part of the logo – so campaigns would feature just an ‘S’ of the Sky logo, or just the ‘K’. Despite this, it was instantly recognisable.

This year, the content has moved primarily into the foreground, with content sometimes in front of and sometimes behind the action, giving the feeling of additional perspective and depth. Certainly the viewer may get the feeling that the image is three dimensional and leaping out at the viewer and this may reinforce Sky’s message regarding its HD services which at least offer more ‘depth of vision’ and realism than traditional SD pictures.

From a language perspective, reviewing all these examples, we see that the copy refers to there being ‘No better place’ to watch this type of programming than Sky. This fits nicely with the ‘Believe in Better’ tagline and reinforces Sky’s leadership in the marketplace. It unites a multitude of reasons why Sky is better than its competitors, but the use of language here isn’t sales focussed or aggressive, and therefore more acceptable.

Of course, this positioning campaign is taking place at the same time as extensive print, leaflet, direct mail and some outdoor advertising which is focussing on the triple-play See, Speak, Surf offer which is playing on affordable price points, the ability to customise a diverse package of programming mixes to your budget and interests, and the benefit of having all services bundled into a single, discounted offer.

Together the two reach across multiple segments, those looking for value, and those passionate about programming.

Its fair to say, that we don’t see many similar multi-level campaigns around the world, and certainly not with the same level of commitment and momentum as the Sky campaign.


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