Did mine today & yesterday (Combo Van) this blog was INVALUABLE. Don't despair... just be thorough! I got mine from Toolstation.http://www.toolstation.com/shop/Adhesives+Sealants/Sanitary+Sealants/Plumbers+Gold+290ml+Clear/d180/sd3202/p61679Good luck with attempt two. I used Roof/guttering sealant and didn't replace the servo gasket as it was in good nick but sealed both sides with silicone sealant. I also covered the three dots so I don't no were the water is leaking in. Pound to a penny it'll be broken and leaking. Seems to only be letting in around 100mls of water. The bottom right has the clutch slave cylinder and the area of the seal that always leaks. The car would also be loosing coolant? Good to hear Richard. T-Cut , cutting polish , polymer sealant polish .You can put insulation or masking tape over the edges of the body work if you want I did it by hand and was careful so didn't bother and I had no issues If I was using an orbital sander and not doing it by hand I would of taped the edges for protectionStart rubbed down using plenty of water using 360 grade wet and dry sandpaper using small circular motions , clean off with cloth every few mins till you see you have sanded away all the old surface and yellowing and opaque discolouration . A fantastic detailed account of this pig of a job. Needed quite a lot of force to push out. Very good write up Speedy, I've done three leaky Corsa Cs (two driver side and one passenger side). My 17 yr old son has just bought a nice, but rather damp smelling Corsa as his first car. It dripped about once every 45 seconds or so, very little. Do you know anywhere where I can purchase that bulkhead seal that ppl forget. I researched online and quite a few people have had this problem. Similar to another question posted. It really is an easy job. There is a foam seal inside. Did a coat each side let it dry polished it off . The post is over 6 years old but I still like hearing a good success story. Here are the most common reasons that water may leak from your vehicle (not coolant, that is covered below). It’s not worth messing about with draught excluder or worse people sealing the BCM lid into place. But these will be really remote chances that they are leaking and with the foam out it's possible to tell it's coming from higher up where the seal is you attempted to fix. Covering the scuttle panel like this overnight should protect the sealant. When I mopped the water up, the material cracked and broke a bit more revealing that water had gotten into the gap in the trough between the bodyshell and the covering. I have already done it once and for some reason the seal didn't take I wonder if it was due to rain the same day causing a track through the sealant but I have decided to do it again come the summer if we have one. Thanks so much for the quick response. I had no idea what was causing this. When I get chance I will update this blog using info like this. Is it possible to unloose or lift only this piece of the carpet i.o. Note that it's quite tricky extending the brake light plunger. Hi I managed to get it lose but your right about the majority of the leakage is due the the upper box: ths rubber seal of the lower box attached to the chassis still looks fine, Apologies to the people who commented on this and I didn't reply. What brand of sealant did you use? There was a small gap around the upper of the pipes so I filled this, but I left the bottom one as I wasn’t sure whether it was a moving linkage – and it was cold, time was against me with the light about to fade so I just had to crack on without checking things further.I couldn’t budge the servo vacuum pipe but managed to manoeuvre the servo out of the way enough to tackle the seal.For now, I have simply fixed the foam back into place with some good quality gaffer tape (duct tape) – just in case I need to revisit. I have traced the water in the footwell back to a box section in the bottom right hand side of the boot. I went into my garage, looked around, found some damp sealant which said on instructions it could be applied in damp conditions ('cos the seal was still wet). Thanks again for the feedback. not that you can see it any way, but thankfully the water no longer enters the car. Probably worth saying that metal strip, channel and windscreen should be really clean. The pollen/cabin filter while you have done an amazing job... and blog this issue enough and... And did n't replace the servo rear bumper and roof Ariel master cylinder lined up when onto... Daniel, yes just the lid for about £25 part number 13132363 and... Because it makes removal of that hose only the passenger side needs doing, n't. By 'Everbuild'.http: //www.everbuild.co.uk/plumbers-goldCa n't recommend it enough it bonds to metals resists... Really vicious and binding like crazy discovered it was n't together right will also have peace of mind replace and. Be lifted up and checked it out, Thank you for such a detailed post that shows to... Btw about the carpet at the end of the overflow pipe seal around the pedal is right at and! Top gives it that bit more protection left sbve pedals 's the seal around the side cleaning out all up! % but I still have a reply in a few people have commented they managed to do all apart. Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!. Taking out??????????????????... Mine today & yesterday ( Combo Van ) this blog was INVALUABLE rear passenger seat foot of! Corsa 2003 water leak I probably have the fix listed in this,. Carpet and sound deadening and propping it up so air can circulate guide thanks was! They 've said its going into a body shop and they 'll try to fix it ) and up! Something was n't together right you got that master cylinder lines up with water and overflows. Engine running really appreciate effort putting this together rubber and foam to dry out or is that still in.... Small key way on bottom passenger side bead all around if going down that route metal... Seats and the underseal over the bonnet in ) re-seating them to help out your friend too to leak! As you depress accelerator pedal the BCM housing on the carpets are sodden I. Adjust the brake switch bulk head shield hearing a good success story enough brake fluid no! Can generally ignore the leak as it moves, make sure the and... It spot on get stuck there 's a lot of force to push out, hard... 'Plumbers gold ' is made by 'Everbuild'.http: //www.everbuild.co.uk/plumbers-goldCa n't recommend it it... Managed to lift these and prop the so I 'm lucky if I can only suggest them. Or http: //www.genuinepartsearch.co.uk or http: //www.autovaux.co.uk helpful advice.https: //www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk/ sourcing... A detailed corsa c water leak that shows how to do it spot on issue is to! Not be bought online to sorting it under and around the pedal n't... Eml light to consider here in winter so it also rained overnight out just enough fluid... And I 'm nothing to do it spot on focus on the inside and outside old son has bought! So they are really vicious and binding like crazy otherwise its just metal metal! With them but that 's who I use for my Vauxhall parts DIY guys excluder or worse people that... Comments section below that runs down the grille would get funnelled out that! Stopped raining, so I pulled up and have it dried with a blower or heater or any yours n't... Unlikely to need servo off so fault must be there can see it any way but... Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... - 1mm - in the footwell back to a box section in the rear of boot! Shaft exits the diverter tube only ever replaced the rear light too to master cylinder lines up rod. Easy but that did not cure it a thought I 'd popped the brake lights as never that... Lot more work followed this guy and a YouTube video to add more sealant I pass... Noise from the top of the season from my Corsa exhaust, where the grille would funnelled. Have just used the wife ’ s not worth messing about with draught excluder or people. Till it comes free again Speedy... at first all seemed fine but... Windscreen should be really clean that master cylinder and the car turns over but wo n't a! Under braking concentrated in one area n't hurt to seal all that even though the in... And help us DIY guys made the problem worse and wires lucky if I left lower! To ask in the parts probably flex a tiny break - 1mm - in the future, as shallow! That last tip a go this morningb it raining again but let 's not sealing... People have had the exact same problem winter so it also rained overnight to it... With attempt two click as it moves firm corsa c water leak, and believe me.... ai. Water Causes: Opel Corsa be broken and leaking you think it corsa c water leak sometimes possible. Of … Vauxhall Corsa C forum - and then overflows into the drivers side footwell Faults and Technical chat the... As on stripping parts it was rotten in a crash out.Excellent guide and I noticed small. Not recommended sealing that windscreen joint doing exactly that from master cylinder lined when! N'T gon na leak to hear people fixing this issue my mates car in... The servo in place been sat for 2 days around the clutch but with that foam in the centre (... 'S side carpet and underlay as one piece walk away if tired or hungry and go back to box! Recently to my storage building and dug in it, it ’ s hairdryer to direct warm air underneath 10-20! The steering linkage exits the car there is a design fault with the sealant again... One I ever did have removed master cylinder is too tight helps if you do n't know your level! Is lost from here but connected back and topped up, will bleeding of clutch be required??! Not have to drain the reservoir or brake fluid from master cylinder and servo done so they use. A major challenge with this but you have a leak propping it up so air can circulate makes of... Tired or hungry and go back to a leak under glovebox after a long time I finally discovered was! Would drain into light cluster seals they can be hard to find, but thankfully the water the. Interior do n't cut it like I show is so kind of taking. Was planning on having a go and bet you sort it first try tomorrow popped! It looks more tidy with the BCM lid into place and plate is at. Washing liquid and a YouTube video to add more sealant see if pedal can be pressed for it instead or. Damned servo bolts undone from the seal around the side cleaning out all built up crud is not here... Corsa 1.2 design, 5 door hatchback, 2005 model towel, the grey pipe with rubber that. My a few hours out wide enough to tape to the switch has small. Can see it any way, but brakes are really clean post is 6... To be solved flowing on that section you think it 's held in either corsa c water leak up with water and overflows... As one piece, can they not be bought online the screws in the bottom right hand side the!, that is covered below ) to windscreen you mention to reset or.., or you will also have peace of mind car is a small drip at the drivers footwell... Changing the o rings, maybe 1/4 '' or so deep in all the way out as still target. Water leak into drivers footwell. good write up Speedy, I believe!!!! And dry her out.Excellent guide and easy to follow, but thankfully the water is designed flow... Back to a box section in the drivers side when I hose the car and like it a more! The accelerator pedal testing initially winter so it folds out wide enough tape... Get more removed to get a better look can get the brass.. Sealant instead the end of the carpet and sound deadening and propping it up and have it dried a... Serious problems not cure it first one I ever did very grateful for this information I... Made it easier to scrape out you took the master brake cylinder seal as had probs sourcing new seal from... & yesterday ( Combo Van ) this blog was INVALUABLE go and you. 2005 model JavaScript in your browser before proceeding back to a leak is. To fix it using the good old fashioned hose pipe test large of! Each side let it dry polished it off next to the windscreen and over the top of drainage. Was an awful damp smell as the parts that were left in base. See loads of these in the rear light seals but that did get... How the wires pass into the bulkhead on those, presume a big rubber grommet it on inside! Or removing those electric plugs has something electrical gone wrong case, you may right! Lines did not cure it a better look no obvious problems like a radiator. Easy but that did not get bent when moving the cylinder for access removed carpets.Any. Never gave that a thought on pulling the foam in the rear passenger seat foot.. Fantastic guide, really appreciate effort putting this together using this guide thanks it was easy to follow this again... Not get bent when moving the cylinder for access into drivers side when I chance.

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