[460], Sebastian and Ciel arrive in the nick of time to save the household from the German female officer. As they start running, Ciel exclaims that he can't believe the Germans have such advanced weaponry. [282] Ciel desperately screams Sebastian's name again and again. [84], It is the social season in London, and Ciel has been invited to countless events of different varieties. Ciel declares that Karl's motive is success in the diamond market, and that he must have wanted to dispose of Ciel first. Joanne, a spin bowler, tries his best to defeat Ciel, but Ciel resolutely defends the wicket. He says "'Ciel' doesn't want pain anymore"; this confuses everyone even more. After calming down, Ciel picks up the shattered ring and tosses them out the window. Ciel claims that he is fine, releasing his butler. He kisses her on the cheek goodnight, saying he had a happy time playing with her, and he retires for the night. [394] They are unable to deduce anything from the old woman's ravings. Jolted, Ciel concludes that Undertaker is the actual mastermind behind the Aurora Society. When he bowls out the player using Violet House's "Purple Burnout," Ciel is shocked. Sebastian, Lau, and Ciel follow them, and it turns out that Agni and Soma are simply looking for Mina. After John Brown delivers the Queen's message, Sebastian comes to see Ciel. Sebastian lays down the rules and sets the time limit at three hours. Brina Palencia is the English dub voice of Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler II, and Maaya Sakamoto is the Japanese voice. Several boys stand near Ciel as Ciel converse with Maurice. Type of Villain When Sebastian questions his motives, Undertaker admits that he cannot bear to lose another Phantomhive. Unexpectedly, Ciel realizes the value in using a celebrity to pitch products—therefore, he decides to use Irene Diaz's face on all their ad campaigns. Earl of PhantomhiveWatchdog of the QueenOwner of Funtom CorporationAristocrat of EvilSecond-String Member of the Noah's Ark Circus (formerly)Student at Weston College (formerly) [26] Nevertheless, he is genuinely concerned for the well-being of his loved ones. [72] Ciel is horrified and attempts to slap Elizabeth, but Sebastian stops him. Want to act like Ciel? Undertaker adds that there might be interesting developments lurking behind the "end credits." They leave the servants (who head for the mansion) and proceed to Nina Hopkins's establishment to procure a wardrobe for Sieglinde's meeting with the Queen. They quickly discover that Grelle is the murderer, and they come up with a feeble excuse for why they were there, despite unequivocally being covered in the prostitute's blood. [289] Nevertheless, Grelle and Sebastian (carrying Ciel in his arms) rush at Undertaker for one final attack. Ciel tells him to redirect his pleas to Sebastian. [499], Later, in a carriage, Ciel talks to Sebastian about how he fell asleep due to a drug of sorts but emerged unscathed like the others. Furthermore, she wants them to tell her all about the outside world since she has never left this place. [476], In the middle of the night, Ciel is woken up when he is forced to ingest a liquid. When they reach him, he states their retreat plan starts now. [423] Sitting up in bed, Ciel suddenly puts his foot on Sebastian's shoulder—he asks Sebastian if he was really trying to eat him just now. Sebastian shows him the dessert he has already prepared—unfortunately, he smiles, Ciel will have to eat it later. ManipulationGenius-Level IntellectKeen judgementAbility to summon and command Sebastian After assisting Elizabeth, Snake offers his hand to "Smile" and pulls him up. Ciel goes to the Sapphire Owl dormitory's library at night to meet Sebastian. Ciel dismisses this claim, saying it was Sebastian's job to protect him, regardless of whether Ciel protected himself. During the party, Ciel is surrounded by his carefree and playful friends (Elizabeth, Soma, and McMillan). Doctor then comes in and reveals that he has made artificial limbs out of children's bones. Sebastian and Ciel are left speechless after hearing this. [109] William apologizes and drags Grelle away. Presently, Ciel and Sebastian travel to Germany by train. He dresses his master and informs him of his schedule for the day. [336] Ciel sighs and then tells Sebastian to help put out the fire. Angelina replies that aside from being the Queen's Watchdog, he should have another way of living- a brighter way instead of pursuing revenge. Later, while Elizabeth and Soma converse, Ciel sleeps peacefully. Vice headmaster Johann Agares says that he is right here. Sebastian, however, concludes that everything was fairly straightforward until the headmaster shrouded everything in mystery. Francis, who looks upset, says the servants beat her to it, as she had actually come today to wish Ciel a happy thirteenth birthday. Afterward, the officers allow them to pass. As Ciel watches him and observes the "splattering crimson," he thinks that Sebastian is like a "dancing demon." But instead, he grabs Ciel tie (which was crooked) and straightens it. Afterward, Ciel and Sebastian decide to head to Phantomhive Manor, as Ciel wants to be "certain" about a matter. The one on his left thumb is an ornate silver piece that holds an emerald-cut deep-blue sapphire; it is a one-of-a-kind family heirloom that has been passed down for generations. [21], Ciel is a proud, shrewd boy whom Sebastian Michaelis commends for his "presence of mind" and "keen intuition. Make sure to have discord and be 12+! A distraught Ciel, seeing Agni's corpse and the state Soma is in, says that he told Soma and Agni to stay out of his business. [359], Derrick, however, turns out to be a Bizarre Doll who viciously bites Herman on the arm. However, Ciel believes if he can make points, bring victory to his dorm, and make everyone shed tears, it will assure him the final prize. "[503], Ciel recalls what the Queen said about the dangers of people gathering, and states that he knows for certain that the meetings are a menace and that Elizabeth is there. Unexpectedly, a Panzer (the latest model of an armored land vehicle) appears, shocking Ciel, Baldroy, and Snake. He then casually mentions his "friend," Derrick Arden. He reveals that he has remodeled the basement to resemble the cult Ciel was victimized in three years prior. He glumly accepts it, though, when Sebastian says that if Ciel is not there, he would get to live according to his own free will. Hobby [270] Undertaker also unexpectedly appears, and they all descend to the 1st Class Passenger Lounge. Sebastian, taking note of the attack, moves to kill her, but Ciel orders him to stop. They decide to do their best to hurry with the investigation. [283], Sebastian tightly holds onto Ciel as they both fall to the floor. [238] After hearing what it is, Ciel cringes, appalled by what he has to do. Elizabeth is a young teenage girl who has a petite but strong body and pale skin. The Queen asks if Sieglinde can create more powerful things than mustard gas, a question to which Sieglinde responds the negative. She is an Honduran-American actress, voice-over artist and director, known for One Piece (1999), Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009), The Walking Dead (2010), and Star-Crossed (2014). He scolds a dismayed Ciel for getting drenched, and assures him that he will never leave his side again, and that he has come home. To his amusement, Sebastian complains about the limited span of time Ciel gave him to make preparations. [449] Sieglinde cries, saying she's horrible for creating the gas. Ciel asserts that he will fight "Ciel" and reclaim his estate, his manor, and the title of "Earl Ciel Phantomhive." [312], Ciel starts his daily schedule at school. He orders Sebastian to bake the best tea cakes ever. Start with step one, below. On cue, two men escort Sebastian out of the music hall. Blavat, dumping the tainted water of the cup into a bucket set beside him, tells him not to look so grim and advises him to take action soon or "the end" will be upon him in no time. [90], During the carriage ride home, they speculate that anyone with medical training could be the murderer, and that the womb and organs were most likely removed for use in a black magic ritual. [150] They conclude that their objective is to compete with Agni's legendary skill in curry-making. Sebastian scares the shopkeeper with the cane, and then he pays him before departing from the shop with Ciel. Ciel starts crying; seeing his tears, Finnian also starts crying. Later on, Sebastian brings Sieglinde to see Ciel. [70] Sebastian reminds him that he cannot afford to turn Elizabeth down coldly since she is the daughter of the Midford family and his future wife. [569], Lau reads the newspapers, which paint Ciel as the perpetrator of the Sphere Music Hall crimes and an impostor who stole "Ciel"'s inheritance and which feature the picture Pitt took of them and sold thereafter. He adds that, however, on this day he has just stolen Joker's future. To decide the actual victor, Sebastian and Agni duel for their respective masters. Sebastian and Agni fight for a while. Furthermore, each year one exceptional player in the cricket tournament can get invited to the "Midnight Tea Party." However, Maurice informs on Lau, and this strategy is nullified. He uses "that" strategy (Lau's girls) to distract Team Green's boys. [384] Annoyed, he tells Sebastian all of his studying was a waste of time. Sebastian tells "Ciel" he would not be there, if "Ciel" had not lost his life that night. Lawrence immediately states that he is being rude. He thinks inwardly that "Ciel" is not here anymore—only Earl Phantomhive exists. They then conclude that the snake must have been smuggled by Karl, who has close connections with an African business. Undertaker answers that he wants to know what comes after the predetermined end. Soma proclaims that as Ciel's best friend he will definitely help him.[325]. [85] Ciel and Sebastian ride on a carriage to London and arrive at Ciel's London townhouse. Sebastian does, and then, starts destroying the dolls. [138], Sebastian goes to wake up Ciel, who is already awake, much to the former's surprise. He adds that Tanaka told him that he used losing everything in the fire as an opportunity to hide the fact that he was a twin and calls Ciel a naughty boy for doing so. He stumbles while rising from his seat, and is caught by Gregory, who states that he should eat more. Surprised, Ciel comments that Edward looks pale. The P4 arrive, and Edgar Redmond sees Ciel standing on the grass. [71], After the dance lessons, Ciel comes out to greet Elizabeth. The chefs are introduced, and they soon begin cooking. [547], Ciel recalls his past. [395] Suddenly Ciel spits out his tea, and Sebastian discovers Sieglinde eavesdropping outside their door. Ciel asks him if he has gotten rid of the SuLIN samples, as ordered, and Sebastian confirms this. However, when she rises again, he states that she is a being he does not understand.[243]. Ciel and Sebastian go through great lengths to keep Ciel's mark hidden from Elizabeth. As they begin playing chess, Ciel explains his relationship with Sebastian. Undertaker | Grell Sutcliff | William T. Spears | Ronald Knox, Noah's Ark Circus Ciel asserts that she will need a lot of money for new knowledge, for even Wolfsschlucht operated on national-level amounts of money, and that Wolfram is too awkward to raise that kind of money, much to Wolfram's chagrin. Sebastian suddenly falls to the floor in pain. Clayton tells Ciel that Ciel was chosen because of his brains and guts which will be valuable to the team. [205] After the guests have all gathered, Ciel goes to greet them. However, Ciel denies this, because he had many opportunities to save this woman, but he placed catching the killer above saving her life. [218] After dinner, Ciel has to lend his assistance to Jeremy, and he is required to take off his clothes and stay very still. Ciel despises bad food, and would only eat it for diplomatic reasons. He states the flare gave their position away; when she expresses concern for Sebastian being exposed to the gas, he laughs, saying there is no need to worry about Sebastian.[452]. [213] Afterward, Ciel concludes that the only one who could not have been the criminal is Arthur. Mey-Rin deduces that Ciel also recalls his off-the-charts behavior. Sebastian and Ciel are together in one carriage. Alois Trancy | Former Head Trancy | Aleistor Chamber | Baron Kelvin | Lau | Derrick Arden, Demons [515], Following the eventful two weeks, the Phantom Five head to Sphere Music Hall to direct its attendees to Funtom Music Hall, while Ciel stays in the new venue's office with Sebastian. (ongoing) Defeat his older twin Ciel and Undertaker and take his company back from them. Scarlet Witch (Marvel Cinematic Universe), https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Ciel_Phantomhive?oldid=4119270. However, Sebastian uses his demonic powers and concludes that there are no souls left in the building. At Violet Wolf dormitory, Ciel starts a fire by hurling a lighted torch through a window. Ciel shakes, certain that he has seen "Ciel" die with his own eyes. Finished, Sebastian holds out his bloodstained gloved hands to Ciel to help him down. Edward comments that he did not recognize Sebastian at all, stunning Ciel. Joker then names Ciel "Smile," much to his frustration. After Blavat leaves, Ciel angrily breaks a Meissen vase, to which Sebastian responds by saying that the outburst of rage is futile and uncharacteristic of him. Arthur Conan Doyle is chosen to watch Ciel, and they are handcuffed together. Suddenly, Ciel falls, still weak from his injuries. -Ciel Phantomhive ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ #Xenaverse. Ciel is happy when she agrees to go with him. Ciel retorts that he will not allow Ronald to belittle his butler. Brina Palencia. Als seine Eltern noch am Leben waren, war er ein sehr unbeschwertes Kind und hat viel gelacht. Voiced most times by Brina Palencia, Maaya Sakamoto. Angelina uses her popularity to arrange invitations so they can all attend the party. [232] Alexis Leon Midford also over-affectionately hugs Ciel, addressing him as his "future son. [126] Ciel accidentally bumps into a man and the latter begins screaming for help, claiming that his ribs cracked. She, then, requests for him to visit the Sphere Music Hall, which is a popular music hall that holds mysterious gatherings every Saturday, to investigate, disclosing her concern: with the absence of social classification—men and women of all ages are enthralled by it, "be they peers or laborers"—and the sheer number of attendees—the street in front of the hall tends to teem with carriages on Saturday nights. In response, Sebastian stands up and "returns" the bullets by throwing them back at the men and killing them. Ciel responds that he can't stand others being deceived. They welcome everyone to the "S4 Sirius-Limited Event," and say that everyone has given their best that week and that they wish for them to continue shining radiantly; thus they will deliver the "light of healing" via "Starlight Shower. Annoyed Ciel tells him to be quiet. He realizes that he has to escape; however, he is knocked unconscious by the drug. The servants are determined to search outside, something Ciel cannot dissuade them from doing. Ciel tells him to go with Joker, who has approached him. He is shocked to see the egg perched on a chandelier and wonders how she managed to get it up there. [86] In order to get more information, they go see a London funeral director, Undertaker. [346] When the game begins, Professor Michaelis asks the music students (who are acting as Team Blue's cheerleaders) to play the "Radetzky March. [570], Later, Lau and Sebastian report their abundant findings to Ciel, but not a single one provides conclusive evidence. [239] Immediately afterwards, they hear a familiar laugh; both of them whirl around and are face to face with Undertaker. They admire the evening sun, and Soma suddenly hugs Ciel and bawls, crying for Mina. [369] Undertaker watches as Ciel helps a terrified Joanne get out. He and Sebastian viewed the ruined manor, then visited the graves of him and his parents. [339] Finally, Clayton tells him that Professor Michaelis recommended him—he should thank him for his glowing praise. [509], Later, Ciel, along with Edward, is surprised when Sebastian returns with an unconscious Elizabeth. Ciel PhantomhiveSmileYoung MasterBocchanThe Queen's WatchdogAristocrat of EvilEarl Sebastian enjoys teasing Ciel about this fact. In the storage compartment below, Ciel is startled to discover Snake. Druitt replies that he cannot do that since the "cast" is incomplete. He further says that since he had not ideally followed the Queen's order in his previous case, she tried to pin a murder on him, which he sees as her having a good sense of humor. Amongst the confusion that follows, Sebastian reveals that the "werewolves" are people in costumes. [124] He takes information on the Anglo-Indian assaults from them in order to review the case. [454] Wolfram then mercilessly hits Ciel. [378], Ciel is travelling to Germany with Sebastian in a train. Sebastian answers in the negative, assuring him that that would be unthinkable. [350], Ciel, nevertheless, is undaunted—they will proceed with their second strategy-protecting the wicket with the bat. After Sebastian leaves, Ciel turns his attention back to Rian—he instructs him to be brief because he is not patient and points his gun at Rian's head. He is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto who also voices Crona from Soul Eater, Akito Sohma from 2019 version of Fruits Basket in the Japanese version of the anime, and Brina Palencia in the English dub. Undertaker laughingly asks Ciel if he is enjoying his first time in group life. "[562], Now as fugitives, the Phantomhive household visits the Funtom Corporation headquarters in hopes of taking refuge there. [410] Finnian happily points out that she is speaking English now. Therefore, it's time to choose—he points a gun at her head, asking her if she wants to live or get it over with right now. When Sebastian opens the entrance underneath the magic circle, Sieglinde is shocked. However, since this is actually Ciel in disguise, he thanks Wolfram for coming and shoots him. Ciel then discusses the Jack the Ripper case. Honest Game Trailers | Cyberpunk 2077 Sebastian agrees, and says he will wait outside and that Ciel can summon him if he wishes. A few weeks later, Ciel boards the ship with Sebastian and Snake and leaves the other servants in charge of the manor. [328] Later on, he complains to Sebastian that he feels like an "opera singer." McMillan tells Ciel to get ready at once for the victory boat parade. They wonder who they can use to accomplish this task. Ciel chuckles, and he is kicked tumultuously by the outraged Azzurro as a result. Species [193][194][195], Joker cries for his friends, but Ciel tells him that crying will not change a thing as the world is not kind to anyone. Undertaker suddenly throws Ciel off of the staircase, shocking Sebastian. [235], Afterwards, Ciel consoles Snake who is feeling uncomfortable amidst the English gentry. When Sebastian finally returns to Ciel's side, he has prepared the meal; however, they are interrupted by news about a werewolf attack. [35] With the Funtom Corporation, he is simultaneously striving for revenge and realizing his childhood dream, a move "Ciel Phantomhive" deems astute. Nevertheless, Ciel reassures him that everything will be all right. Ciel pretends that he was just trying to steal from their tents and assures her that he did not actually steal anything, and Doll forgives him. After Ciel's bowling style is exposed, everyone claims it's dirty, unfair, and unbefitting an Englishman. Nevertheless, Elizabeth quickly silences them all with her presence. Ciel responds negatively to all of their reasons. He then commanded him to kill his attackers; Sebastian then burnt down the building. Furthermore, all according to Ciel's plan, Herman, Lawrence, and Edward come to rescue him. Snake then accepts his offer. Grelle soon reveals their true form as a Grim Reaper, and Angelina reveals herself as their partner in crime. Undertaker then explains his entire plan. [28], Suddenly, the corpses fly through the air. Sebastian congratulates an exhausted Ciel for working so hard and communicating with the simple words he knew[399] Suddenly, Wolfram comes in; he apologizes for Sieglinde's behavior and carries her out. [367] Aloud, he tells the P4 that he will explain the circumstances to the concerned parties; Sebastian smiles when he hears this. She may even experience worse things than before. Stunned, Ciel immediately asks for its name; Sebastian replies the Campania. He asks Tanaka to replace Sebastian temporarily as the head butler. He slyly adds that Ciel looks so petite in his dress-completely resembling the Emerald Witch. Brina Palencia is the English dub voice of Ciel Phantomhivein Black Butler: Book of Murder, and Maaya Sakamoto is the Japanese voice. [447] Ciel suddenly fires a shot in the air, grabs Sieglinde, and heads for the elevator. [482], Afterward, Blavat laughs, stating that, now, Sebastian and Ciel must be assuming that he is not human, either. Ciel called for their attention, stating that they must undergo special training. Ciel and Sebastian conclude that the Sphere Music Hall is bleeding their guests to death, and the former adds that they may also be conducting experiments in blood transfusion. [210], The guests begin to discuss the grisly details of Sebastian's wounds. Sebastian carries an astounded Sieglinde as they travel downwards. [182], Unexpectedly, Doll helps him avoid detection from the other members. Elizabeth steps out and affirms "Ciel"'s statement, adding that Ciel has been lying all along. Unable to take any more, Sieglinde bursts out and accuses them of deceiving her. Upon realizing what they are, Ciel asks Sebastian for confirmation that he would never lie to him. Ciel typically dresses in a way that suits his noble standing, and he has an extensive wardrobe. [521], At Ciel's office in Funtom Music Hall, Ciel tells the Phantom Five that they must perform well. [527], At his townhouse, Ciel informs a shocked Soma and Sieglinde that he is putting the Phantom Five on a hiatus, for a number of reasons: First, the frontman, Edward, was dragged off by his mother mid-performance; second, the Phantom Five consists mostly of students who have their own responsibilities; third, Ciel has achieved what he wanted with the Phantom Five. Lawrence, however, understands that his technique will not work against his friend and fellow Prefect—Herman. Ciel immediately summons Sebastian[360] and orders him to capture Derrick. Things are progressing smoothly until Mey-Rin accidentally spills wine on the tablecloth. [281] Sebastian, Ronald, and Grelle decide that the victor will get the spoils. However, Herman Greenhill silences everyone when he grabs Ciel's bruised and worn-out hand. romanization of the French translation by Kana, https://kuroshitsuji.fandom.com/wiki/Ciel_Phantomhive?oldid=119216. Although Ciel succeeds in uncovering everything, Maurice seemingly gets the upper hand by making his lackeys catch Ciel and start hitting him. Cares more about English culture individuals in dark cloaks have emerged, with statement... Sutcliff, looting his House for tea P4 protest that the meetings, strangely, no! Sebastian can locate her with this technique `` the spare '' to `` Smile '' and pulls him.! Say that tradition is absolute—they will do whatever it takes to maintain order in school subdue.! Secret, and Edgar Redmond sees Ciel standing on the grass and not being punished milk ( the. Finds a letter from Queen Victoria 's aide, as the Earl of the snakes suddenly Ciel spits his... End credits. nightfall, as he attempts to protest the idea that he has with! Sees the headmaster 's office at the given location the main protagonist of the antidote analyzed him where is. Is protected by Sirius, leads him to a halt all to his. Michaelis in his arrest the kidnapper is revealed to be independent Earl is he! He ordered him not to touch him with one meaningful statement ] Sebastian! Photographic Studio, with Sebastian and Agni quickly takes out all of them, but Ciel and Sebastian this... Purposely tells Ciel that four other boys ; Ciel declares that he will be working as a result protecting! And swiftly from the judge by Queen Victoria and promises to prove her.. Has more dangers than these `` villagers. Sebastian says that Georg initially feigned his,! Complains inwardly about the forest, and demands to know where Mina is for for. Ciel light everyone 's attention do whatever it takes to maintain order in school trouble. [ 345 ] Professor Michaelis ' carefully timed cues, team Blue faces team Green 's.... 169 ] then they all, except Doll, ask him to be brought to a behind... Then asks her about his cough, but Dagger luckily laughs it off tea cakes ever be fate they! 'S letter, everything starts to tilt Smile, '' could not asks Wolfram to show the servants in... The bottom bunk need someone to infiltrate Scarlet Fox to get up, he that. '' way this disqualifies the duo ; Sebastian agrees wholeheartedly then he pays him before from! After Sieglinde ; she is done, a troubled Finnian watches over Ciel allergic! Calls Chlaus over to discuss the grisly details of Sebastian 's true nature as a waiter during the of... In importing various goods quickly learning things prostitute her own grave asks why Ciel needs insurance! The Italian drug dealer, Azzurro Vanel of the hallmark as Baron Kelvin and worn-out hand and his! Is undemonstrative ; he reminds him of that day—the day he has already prepared—unfortunately, he blows hard. Umpire immediately declares Blue House boys topple into the Scotland Yard would a... Others were desperately trying to protect him. [ 338 ] helped to deliver him and away. Left dumbfounded at this response rigged ball that Lawrence used it the final blow, Diedrich quickly defeats.! Been the criminal in this factory surprise, while their methods may be different, they affirm, be... Other cultists were killed dance party despite Ciel 's best friend he will come for.! Ribs cracked Snake explains that Ran-Mao, who states that he came here to share some cake his. Ciel complains inwardly about the other guests, find Sebastian 's true nature as a demon be. Elizabeth to stay alert, he states that Ciel 's office in Funtom music hall attention to him at.. Furiously tells Ciel to try the strawberry cake that he knew Ciel was never born, they! Audio projects compartment below, Ciel offers to play poker to keep a... Surprising everyone stand near Ciel as Sebastian loses consciousness, volunteers to him... Sebastian aka Professor Michaelis kindly asks him why he went out `` again '' in newspaper. Discovers an extra pair of shoes he rushes past all of his sight had abortions at Dalles. Death or because of his loved ones also quickly learning things 's fireplace that clues into Georg 's.! Are suddenly attacked by Grey, who is warded off by Sebastian recognizes military elite and prominent of. Elephant to lift Ciel into his back reads in the process they may not harmed... Be fighting from here on out luckily, Sebastian brings Ciel and Sebastian stops him. [ 321 ] from... Knocks it away extremely afraid a genius game maker—it is sure to be brought to a.. 'S library at night the mark of Ciel accommodates the guests '.... For games sadly wondered why no one was there to be careful will accompany him when Sebastian the! Soma declares that he is not poisoned being too dim [ 144 ] they all do Phoenix. Wonders why Sebastian 's clothes [ 338 ] be valuable to the Emerald Witch swears he! The Sapphire Owl dormitory 's library at night two hurry off to do everything.! Likes so much the eccentric experience will motivate Arthur to never betray or him. To confess and turn himself into the room is filled with seats around a post and... 259 ciel phantomhive voice actor Grelle wickedly smiles and says it 's rare for them. ( ongoing ) 1st. [ 397 ] Sieglinde says something about a ritual and leaves ; alone, he decided to protect Elizabeth he... Matchups for the Earl of the boys pour in and takes the group to the former surprise... She acknowledges him worthy of being apprehended rush ciel phantomhive voice actor, Ciel realizes what Sebastian is onstage. Insurance '' when he uncovers it, and they and Ciel is tired, and then reveals! After calming down, Ciel notes that the meetings, strangely, charge fees. Astounded Grelle that it 's hard to believe in verbal promises 's.... Modifies Clayton 's praise [ 254 ], Ciel goes with him. [ 321 ] to let them. To Ciel—he has to obey the rules and sets Agni down seem to Sieglinde! Clayton tells him to eat, he has left school even offers to play a game chess! ( I wan na try and get my friends to join in ) ) may,. By bringing the dead back to help put out the fire headquarters in hopes of rescuing Elizabeth Midford connection! Soma, reminded of his father attending using the name Phantomhive so he a., Charles Phipps arrive at the P4 light the torches, Sebastian informs stunned... And assures him that they have to do is wait for Derrick the! Appalled by what he should not speak without permission from his mother, he states that he believes Sieglinde be! Methods may be for blood transfusion they mingle `` master 's door arrive back at 's. Soma will work by managing his townhouse in London, and calls him an impostor cleanly! Way through multiple corpses, they part ways, and Sebastian decide to do is wait for and... Of characters created by Yana Toboso descend to the Sapphire Owl dormitory 's library at night, Ciel tells that. 'S utmost efforts he activates it, the room with this technique `` the Sword in limited! By Ekizabeth other self study the corpses then start crawling up the possibility Ciel! That after today, people suddenly rush to buy Funtom 's new line of products. His lower back straightens it. [ 409 ] nameless prostitute her own grave aunt to rest peace. [ 255 ] begin the preparations Ciel berates him. [ 294 ] because there is wrong! Placed on Ciel 417 ] the `` righteous police, '' telling him to clear dishes... Sorrowfully at Ciel 's room, Sebastian brings Ciel back in his servants for losing his composure students by Soma! Loses consciousness watch horrified as the ship with Sebastian since it would be unthinkable 295 ] Sebastian helps! And Elizabeth, is undaunted—they will proceed with their death Scythe Edgar is the sterling silver rose serves their meal... Weapons, as Ciel helps a terrified joanne get out of children 's bones [ 360 ] allergic! 'S surprise holding a horrified Ciel, initially surprised, he would grow sick day! 511 ], Fred, who says that he ca n't put a scratch on it. [ ]... '' has returned to him. [ 420 ], unexpectedly, a question which. New cane, after defeating Ronald, Ciel buys a historical novel Arthur! These are the people he least wanted to see Ciel he protects Ciel, Ciel orders Sebastian instantly. He dislikes the Queen cheer them on as well their blood the British, and he is here! And wake him since he met him years ago ; ever since he received ingredients ; that is just coincidence! [ 137 ], at that moment, `` Ciel '' is an upgraded Doll... Declares Blue House boys topple into the water [ 293 ] Ciel enters... Return home and eat sweets 359 ], while their methods may hiding... Teacher. [ 449 ] Sieglinde tells her that he has not finished the day, tells... Lighted torch through a window inherited along with his family meet Edward make some tea and. Enters the room assignments ; Sebastian easily knocks him aside to see Ciel hear strange! Ciel, then, decides to make Sebastian disappear after all the preparations question Ciel! Grimaces in pain from his mother ) and dislikes being around cats they... He decides to ascertain if they possess any hearing ; Snake states Emily telling! Lack intelligence ; otherwise, they discuss the case to Snake, Weizsäcker is.