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How can Pay TV operators avoid cord-cutting behaviours in their customer base?

What is the impact of over-the-top (OTT) services on Pay TV landscapes?

How can interactive services be successfully used to differentiate, improve customer service and reduce churn?

UEFA Champions League Interactive on Sky Sports

Who are the leading IPTV providers worldwide and why are they successful? 

What kinds of interactive content and services should Cable, Satellite and IPTV services be providing to their subscribers? 

How are leading Pay TV operators launching and marketing HDTV services?

Dish Network Retail Marketing

How can user-generated content be exploited by Emerging IPTV and Traditional Pay TV operators?

What impact will IPTV and OTT have in incumbent Cable & Satellite providers?

How can On-Demand services be made more compelling?

How do you accelerate the switch-off of analogue TV broadcasts and how can traditional broadcasters benefit?

Digital Switchover

What tactics are IPTV operators using to differentiate their offer in leading markets?

What are consumer responses to triple and quad-play marketing?

Sky See Speak Surf Triple Play

How can operators improve their pay-to-basic ratios?

What impact can customer insight, behavioural tracking, personalisation, and recommendation have on customer contribution and loyalty?

How can simple improvements to the user-interface, navigation and the Electronic Programme Guide be used to raise customer satisfaction and reduce churn? 

Tiscali IPTV Guide

What impact do middleware choices have the on success of a Pay TV offer?

What is 'Catch-Up TV' and how does it differ from the concept of the Network PVR? 

How are Pay TV operators delivering 3D TV services to their subscribers and what is the consumer response?

How are operators delivering and marketing integrated, connected-home products and services?

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PayMedia is a consultancy and publisher which provides  strategic consulting in pay tv, digital television, interactive television, connected TV and emerging entertainment distribution platforms.

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Business Overview

PayMedia's capabilities have been built through extensive experience in the development of Digital and Pay TV services in the UK, Europe and throughout the rest of the World.

PayMedia already works with a number of leading digital TV platforms, as well as major content owners, brands and agencies, providing custom research, strategic advice and support to senior management

PayMedia, in partnership with [tbb\*] thebrainbehind provides 'Marketing Monitor' - a subscription service which tracks and interprets the product, brand and marketing strategy of leading Pay TV operators and Digital TV networks worldwide.

Visit our Monitoring Section to browse some examples from the Marketing Monitor service.

To find out more about the services PayMedia offers please review the services section of this site or contact Justin Hewelt, Director PayMedia Consulting Group.

Hot Topics

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PayMedia works in partnership with other leading consultancies around the world, providing additional expertise and geographic coverage, and offering a best-of-breed solution for our clients.

Our partners include :

[tbb\*] thebrainbehind  ;

[tbb\*] thebrainbehind offers strategic consultancy focused on product development and strategic planning within the area of digital media.

[tbb\*] is made up of international analysts and consultants, each one an experienced expert in his/her field.

[tbb\*] provides project management for technical solutions, specification processes of new systems and applications are part of our daily business. Beyond developing products and strategies matching its client's goals, [tbb\*] also supports its clients in finding the most suitable partners for each business case.

Broadcast Projects is an international alliance of independent consultants, covering all aspects of digital television and emerging entertainment distribution platforms and technologies.

Broadcast Projects' collective expertise covers such technologies and issues as HDTV, VOD, IPTV, Metadata, Electronic Program Guides and the development of Advanced TV Guides/Search and Content Navigation strategies, Pay TV Marketing, Transactional TV, Technical and Metadata Standards, Convergence, Regulatory Policy and Business Development Strategy.

Using a shared knowledge knowledge center, Broadcast Projects collaborates on projects and matches its industry-leading expertise to the needs of our clients. The group's output includes research, studies, monitoring services, workshops and publications, as well as strategic and management consulting to major media, entertainment and technology companies worldwide.

Guide Products (EPG) and User Interfaces

Over the past 6 years, PayMedia has conducted an extensive review of the Electronic Programme Guides, User Experience and Design of leading Pay TV platforms around the world including Satellite, Cable, IPTV and Hybrid products.

At each platform, PayMedia captures high-quality digital video and screen-shots, allowing us to comment on and interpret the user experience and identify creative design and new features. We cover Standard, PVR and HD set-top-boxes, and review the usability in light of the underlying set-top-box hardware and the chosen distribution technology.

Platforms captured include:

(Portugal) TPS (France) Canalsat Pilotime (France) BSkyB (UK) BT Vision (UK) Freeview+ (UK) Talk Talk TV - Tiscali - Homechoice (UK) Virgin Media V+ and Virgin Media TiVo (UK) Sky Italia (Italy) Fastweb (Italy) NowTV (Hong Kong) FOXTEL (Australia) AUSTAR (Australia) Canal Digital (Scandinavia) Viasat (Scandinavia) Telenet (Belgium) Belgacom (Belgium) UPC (Netherlands) KPN Interactieve TV (Netherlands) Neuf (France) Orange TV (France) Imagenio (Spain) Digital Plus (Spain) Jazztel (Spain) Nova (Greece) Starhub (Singapore) Multichoice (South Africa) Comcast (US) Time Warner (US) ExpressVu (Canada) Dish Network (USA) Uverse (USA) DirecTV (USA) Homezone (USA) Club Internet (France) T-Home (Germany) KDG (Germany) Premiere / SKY Deutschland (Germany) Rogers (Canada) Telstra T-Box (Australia)

Also games consoles, Blu-Ray players and connected devices including PS3, X-Box 360, Samsung Connected TVs, LG Connected TVs, SONY Internet TVs, Panasonic Connected TVs, Boxee, Roku, Apple TV , Vudu (USA) etc.

See our UI Catalogue by Clicking Here

Guide Enhancements & Next Generation EPGs

PayMedia also helps our clients to deliver enhancements to their existing guide products and define product roadmaps for advanced guides. Should you be interested to explore our work in this area, or obtain video or screenshots of the platforms covered by PayMedia, please contact: